A Little Bit About Us

Bubblegum Royal is a family business, based on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

After having our daughter in 2014, I began looking for Bubblegum Bead Necklaces. I couldn't find any available locally and had to purchase beads from the United States and make my own.

It didn't matter where we went, whenever our daughter was wearing her Bubblegum Bead Necklaces people would stop us to admire them and asked where we got them from. Once I said I had made them, they would say "Do you sell them? I would love to purchase one"

So in February 2015 Bubblegum Royal was created.

Not only are all of our designs, designed and created here on the Sunshine Coast but they are all made to order too. So each item can be customised to suit any colour scheme or theme.

After recieving many customer enquiries on how to best store & display their bubblegum bead jewellery, we launched our Accessories Stands followed by our Clothes Racks, Doll Size Clothes Racks and Swing Shelves. 

Like all of our jewellery products our Accessories Stands & Clothes Racks can be customised to suit any colour scheme and can even be made in a custom height or width. (Please contact us for custom designs)